Voting Terms and Conditions

The Spotlight Season 3 Voting T's & C’s

The Spotlight Season 3 will launch 21 September 2021 under the theme: Amp It Up. Spotlight will be launched digitally, and all auditions will be sent or uploaded on YelloHub.

The season 3 main focus is increasing the download of ayoba towards meeting 2021 KPI’s. We will still run promos to educate customers on the download of Ayoba, and possibility of winning. We will also run a voting competition where customers who vote via USSD and Ayoba will stand a chance to win; 

Below are the voting T’s&C’s for both Ayoba and USSD

  • Voting will start once Spotlight Season 3 has reached the elimination stage.
  • Voting will happen on USSD, Ayoba and YelloHub (routes back to USSD for confirmation of payment mode). Payment mode is airtime or MoMo
  • Voting will always close on Friday at 3pm and open Saturday at 10am to allow audit time to consolidate votes for Saturday eliminations.
  • Staff members are not allowed to join the competition
  • The agency also does not qualify
  • Contestants cannot win any voting prizes
  • Top 15 highest voters will put in a draw to win a laptop, smart TV and Huawei handsets.
  • We will run weekly handset prizes to encourage voters to follow spotlight.
  • Weekly prizes are data enabled handsets worth up to E500. 3 winners will win phones per week.
  • Weekly winnings will be drawn based on highest voters.
  • Votes accumulations will be counted across all the available voting platforms
  • No one winner must win the same prize on the weekly prizes
  • In the event there is a tie, the phones will be given to both customers
  • Grand finale prizes include laptop, Smart TV and 7 smartphones as below:
  1. 3 – laptop, smart TV, smart TV
  2. 4 – same handset model – 4000
  3. 3 – same handset model – 2000
  • In the grand finale, a customer who won in the weekly prizes can still win a handset prize in the grand finale if he has accumulated votes that qualify him to win. 
  • During eliminations, votes weighting will be: 40% judges and 60% public.
  • At the grand finale, winner is determined by the public, meaning 100% vote no judge interference.


Ayoba Voting:

  • Each customer will get 50 free votes on Ayoba Daily. Once exhausted, customers can use other means to vote.
  • All votes accumulation or count should consider both Ayoba and USSD
  • Steps to vote on Ayoba, customer must go to Ayoba Spotlight header, select contestant code and confirm their voting.


Ayoba Most engaging fans

  • 3 top Customers who have the highest Ayoba MB usage will win Huawei smart handsets
  • Customers will be awarded at the close of spotlight season