MTN Pulse

So, what is MTN Pulse?

So, what is MTN Pulse?

Pulse is that inner vibe that makes the world a brighter place. That drive and passion that gets your soul LIT. It lives in our hearts and flows in our veins. It is the way you link up with emagenge. Dancing to your favorite beat. Coding that next generation app. Giving back to ekasi. Showing off your top stayela. Taking your gaming to the next level. The loud cheers when your team scores. How you keep your hustle going. In your own way, at your own pace. MTN Pulse is this and more so that you can be all that you want to be. Pulse is YOU! MTN Pulse enables you to be the best YOU by offering packages that suit your age, lifestyle and needs;

  • mPulse is for high school students and teenagers between ages 13 – 19.
  • Pulse is for campus students and youth between ages 18 – 24.
  • Pulse Pro is for young professionals and youth above 25 years.

So be YOU and join the movement and unleash your full potential and be the best YOUth.

Dial *411# and get pulsing.

Mixed just the way you like it.

Offer Validity Bundle Price
MTN mPulse MyMix
(Free 5 minutes with every bundle)
Daily 20min + 10MB E5
Daily 5min + 25MB E5
Daily 40min + 30MB E10
Daily 15min + 50MB E10
Weekly 60min + 50MB E15
Weekly 30min + 100MB E15
Weekly 90min + 80MB E20
Weekly 40min + 150MB E20


Offer Validity Bundle Price
MTN Pulse MyMix
(Free Twitter valid for a week)
Daily 20 min + 10MB E5
Daily 5 min + 25MB E5
Daily 40 min + 30MB E10
Daily 15 min + 50MB E10
Weekly 60 min + 50MB E15
Weekly 30 min + 100MB E15
Weekly 90 min + 80MB E20
Weekly 40 min + 150MB E20
Monthly 50 min + 500MB + 15 SMS E50


Offer Validity Bundle Price
Pulse Pro Mini Monthly 100 min + 2GB + 30 SMS E160/month
Pulse Pro Standard Monthly 200 min + 1.5GB + 50 SMS E250/month