Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) — Live football on Yello Hub

QUESTION 1: How do I know which game is available for Live Streaming?

ANSWER: Games available for live streaming are highlighted in yellow under the FIXTURES page and on the LIVE page.

QUESTION 2: How do I buy a token?


Games available for live streaming are highlighted in yellow under the FIXTURES page and on the LIVE page

Step 1 - Buy Your Live Streaming Token

  1. Click on “GET MATCH TOKEN” on the game you wish to watch online.
  2. This will take you to another page where you will:
  3. Enter your 8 digit MTN Eswatini cellphone number.
  4. Select the payment option as MTN Airtime.
  6. After clicking this button, you should be redirected to a page that will require an OTP confirmation.
  7. The OTP should be sent to the mobile number you have entered above.
  8. If the above does not happen, please try again.

Step 2 - Confirm Airtime Payment using OTP

  1. Please enter the OTP that was sent to your mobile number and click "CONFIRM PAYMENT".

Step 3 - You can Now Watch The Live Game

  1. Once you have entered your OTP, a token will be generated and displayed on the page. You will see the link to the live watch.
  2. Please copy and save the token to watch the live match.

QUESTION 3: After purchasing a token, how do I watch the live game?

ANSWER: The button to start watching the game is only available 30 minutes before the game starts.

  1. Go to LIVE
  2. Please enter your token for this match and click on ‘VALIDATE & WATCH’ button.
  3. Enjoy the live stream at your convenience.

QUESTION 4: I entered my token and I find a black screen. What should I do?

ANSWER: This will happen if the live feed has not started. Do not close the page but patiently wait for live feed to start.

QUESTION 5: When I enter my token, the page does not load, what should I do?

ANSWER: This is usually network related. Please ensure that you have a enough data and a good network connection before you enter the token. See Question 7

QUESTION 6: How much airtime do I need to buy a match token cost?

ANSWER: Please ensure that the airtime available when you buy is equal to or greater than the cost of the token e.g E25. The match token may only be bought using MTN Eswatini airtime.

QUESTION 7: How much data do I need to watch a match?

ANSWER: From our observations, each game including pre-match, halftime and post-match commentary requires about 2.5 to 3 GB of data. You should not worry about data if you are watching from the MTN network because access to the live football page is FREE. However, if you are watching from any other network, charges will apply.

QUESTION 8: What does zero rating of the live stream mean?

ANSWER: Zero rating of the live stream  refers to the fact that the football page can be accessed with 0MB data on the MTN Eswatini network. The user should switch on their mobile data. Please be aware that when mobile data is on there are other applications that may be running in the background thus consuming data.

QUESTION 9: Does Zero Rating of the live stream work on any service provider?

ANSWER: The Zero rating of the live stream only works on the MTN Eswatini network.

QUESTION 10: I bought a match token, but I cannot see where to enter it. Why?

ANSWER: The match token is for single use only hence, we do not want customer to use it before the live feed is available. The 'VALIDATE & WATCH' button is normally available 30 minutes before kick off.

QUESTION 11: I was watching the live match on the MTN network but my data was depleted. Why?

ANSWER: From our observations, when you switch on internet connectivity on your device, there may be other applications in the background that are using internet data.

QUESTION 12: What is the recommended internet speed required to watch the live match?

ANSWER: You will need a steady internet connection with speeds of at least 3MBps. You can click on this link to check your internet speed. Please note that depending on your service provider, some internet speeds may be “throttled” i.e. limited.

QUESTION 13: Should I use Ethernet vs. WiFi for the Live Streaming?

ANSWER: A wired connection is always the best for live streaming but a reliable fast wireless signal is also sufficient.

QUESTION 14: Will the live stream stop if I open another application at the same time?

ANSWER: This should not happen. As long as the browser on which you are watching is not closed, the live stream should continue uninterrupted.

QUESTION 15: Will the live stream stop if I take a phone call at the same time?

ANSWER: This should not happen. On most devices. We are observing that this may happen on some devices. If it does, please re enter your token and continue watching.

QUESTION 16: Why am I getting this error message, “Unsupported viewing environment: Your system is having trouble playing this video”?

ANSWER: If you’re seeing this error it means your system or browser may not support playback in the live stream player. Before you purchase the token, please ensure that you have the latest version of your browser is installed and your system can decode H.264 video.