Content Publishing Guidelines

"We want artists to focus on creating quality products and allow us to use technology to ensure that their products are ‘consumed’ across the world.

Types of Digital Content

The following type of content can be published on Y’ello Hub:

  • Audio – these includes music, podcasts, sermons, audio books, radio shows and any other audio material suitable for publishing online.
  • Footage – these include movies, shows, series, videos, tv shows, sermons, documentaries, short films and animation suitable for publishing online.
  • Stock Images – these include stock images, event images and wallpaper suitable for publishing online.
  • Editorials – these include ebooks, journals, notes, publications, tutorials, academic research, papers, findings, magazines, journals and recipes suitable for publishing online.

Allowed Digital Content Formats

The following are acceptable formats for content published on Y’ello Hub:

  • Audio - MPEG-1 (Audio Layer III) known as .mp3 file format.
  • Footage - MPEG-4 (.mp4) file format with H.264-encoding.
  • Stock Images - JPEG (.jpg), GIF (.gif) and PNG (.png) file formats with 300 DPI:
    • Large - one or more sides must be longer than 5000px in length.
    • Medium - one or more sides must be longer than 3000px in length.
    • Small - one or more sides must be longer than 1000px in length.
  • Editorials - PDF (.pdf) file format.

Y'ello Hub Sales Dashboard

Approved Content Publishers can publish content and track their sales via a dashboard.

  • Login to their account
  • Click "Sales Dashboard" button.
  • On this dashboard, users will be able to:
    • Publish content onto Y'ello Hub.
    • Track sales from the content they have published.
    • Track sales according to the types of content.
    • Search for particular sales.
    • Export data as csv.
    • Submit Payment Requests.
  • Plus other services that will be made available.

Revenue Sharing

The revenue generated from the sales of the content is shared between the content publisher and owners of Y'ello Hub as agreed in the "Application to Publish Content on Y'ello Hub".

Payments to Content Publishers

  • All revenue due to each content publisher from Y'ello Hub is paid monthly within 30 days of the submission of the Payment Request by the content publisher.
  • A Payment Request may only be made if the cumulative sales due exceed E500.00.
  • All payments are made electronically via MTN MoMo or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to the content publisher's registerd mobile number or bank account respectively.
  • Only payments over E4,000.00 will be processed via EFT.